disappearing down the rabbit hole…?

The Premium subscription to my domain taoofscrumble.com  expires soon. I have been debating the way forward for some time and have decided not to renew it ~ so it will most likely be inaccessible from next Monday, July 4th. It may revert to taoofscrumble.wordpress.com  but I’m not entirely sure how that will affect the content or my following because the communcation I’ve received the WordPress Happiness Engineer differs from the automated message that keeps popping up, now that the end date is looming. We’ll just have to wait and see ~ how exciting! 😉

I no longer have the same drive that prompted me to start this (second) blog ~ over the last couple of years life has evolved in ways I could never have predicted, causing me to abandon ‘best laid plans’ more than once. Casual daydreams have remained just that ~ entertaining diversions not destined to become reality. Even some of my long~held beliefs and opinions have been overturned by changing circumstances ~ much to my surprise!

So the title ‘Tao of Scrumble’ doesn’t feel quite as relevant as it did when I was exploring different creative avenues with abandon. Several years on I’ve  eliminated those crafts which are no longer appealing or possible ~ I can’t even ‘scrumble’ (free~flow knitting and crocheting) for long these days. But rather than mourning unfulfilled ambitions, I’m focusing on activities which work well for me and give me a joy and I would like to write about them and post photographs.

I briefly considered starting a new blog, with a more appropriate name ~ ‘Tao of Sitting On The Sofa Not Managing Much At All’ maybe? Then I remembered that I already have another one. When I took my first, faltering foray into the blogoshpere it was anonymously on Wightrabbit’s Blog. I haven’t published a post on that one for some time  ~ but I’ve checked and it’s still live!

So if Tao of Scrumble does disappear down the rabbit hole next Monday have no fear. Jump after it, like Alice, and you will find me there!



Nurturing Thursday 20

I recently upgraded my WordPress account, so I’m now monarch of my very own domain, called ‘Tao of Scrumble’. This gives me access to various customising tools, along with other goodies which I’ve yet to explore. This morning I’ve been playing around with photos from my media library, colour gradients and fonts, trying to create a ‘One Of A Kind’ appearance.

Having lost track of all the changes that I’ve saved along the way, (not to mention the horrors I’ve discarded) I’m settling on this, for the moment. Next week, who knows? I plan to extract as much enjoyment as I can from my subscription, so it may well be completely different.

The background image is one of The Artist’s paintings ~ a ‘rub~back’ of Carisbrooke Castle, which overlooks the village where we live. I’ve ’tiled’ it and this page obscures the middle ~ but if you’d like to see it properly, please click here.

I’ve spent so long dabbling with the template, that I haven’t written a post for ‘Nurturing Thursday’. But I’ve had hours of fun and that is nurturing, I guess. 🙂

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