Nurturing Thursday 96

IMG_1819 (1)

Design by Rob Ryan

The above Valentine card, printed on board made from responsible sources, was produced by The Climate Coalition ~ ‘an enormous group of people working together for action on climate change…..over 100 organisations with over 15 million supporters from all over the UK.’

You can visit their website at to find out more and to watch a ‘spine~tingling’ short film based on ‘A Love Letter From A Grandpa’ from author Michael Morpurgo to his granddaughter Mia, which is printed inside the card.

‘ …I wish for you, little Mia, and for all children everywhere, a world, a new world without war and waste, where children like you will be able to breathe in good clean air, drink clear fresh water, grow and eat only what we need, no more, learn to share all we have so that no one anywhere goes hungry.’ 

Although this is a United Kingdom initiative and Valentines Day has come and gone, we can still ‘Show the Love’, wherever we live:

‘We have to learn to  love our earth again, love her as much as I love you and you love me. For you and I, we are a part of this living planet, the guardians, part of the earth’s great family. 


Nurturing Thursday was created by Becca Givens ~ to bring a shot of uplifting positivity to the blogosphere. To read her inspiring posts and learn about how to join in, please visit her inspiring blog On Dragonfly Wings With Buttercup Tea